Do you have a step by step guide for personalising “The Christmas Wrapper”?

Yes! Just follow the steps below:-

There are 7 personalisations that need to be filled in for “The Christmas Wrapper”

GENDER – Select Boy or Girl

FIRST NAME – The child’s name that the book is for. You have a maximum of 12 characters for this.

(If you have a longer name or other special characters that are currently not allowed in this field then please read, “It won’t let me personalise the First or Last Name correctly”).

SIBLING/RELATIVE/FRIEND 1 – This personalisation is great for their favourite sibling, parent or best friend – someone that they would give a present to. You have a maximum of 20 characters for this.

SIBLING/RELATIVE/FRIEND 2 and SIBLING/RELATIVE/FRIEND 3 – These 2 personalisations go together, so work well as ‘Mummy & Daddy’ or ‘Grandma and Grandad’ or ‘Uncle David and Aunty Anne.’  You have a maximum of 20 characters each for these.

SIBLING/RELATIVE/FRIEND 4 – This personalisation works well as a favourite family member or best friend, or even for you – the giver of the book! But it could also be a fictional character e.g. ‘Spiderman’ or ‘The Tooth Fairy’ or even another pet or toy.  You have a maximum of 20 characters for this.

PET’S NAME OR COMFORTER (or SIBLING/RELATIVE/FRIEND 5) A chance to add their pet’s name or favourite comforter or toy e.g. ‘Blankie’ or ‘Teddy’. If you’re unsure of either of these, you could substitute it with a popular animal character e.g. ‘Peppa Pig’ or ‘the Gruffalo’. Alternatively, you can add in another Sibling/Relative or Friend. You have a maximum of 20 characters for this.

When you’re happy with your personalisations, please click on the GO TO PREVIEW button. All personalisation fields must be completed before you can view your preview book. Any fields that have not been filled in will be underlined in red.

After you have clicked on GO TO PREVIEW, a preview of “The Christmas Wrapper” complete with all your personalisations, will then load. PLEASE CHECK IT CAREFULLY. If you spot any mistakes, click on your browsers return button and you will be taken back to the personalisation page.

You can then add your own dedication, by clicking on the DEDICATION button underneath your preview of the book. When you click on it a pop up box will allow you to add your own.

Then click on the ADD MY DEDICATION button and your preview book will reload to show you your dedication added at the front of the book. (If you wish to edit it, click on the DEDICATION button again and make any amendments).

Then select whether you want SOFTCOVER or HARDCOVER and click on ADD TO CART to be taken through to the CART and CHECKOUT process.
We hope you enjoy personalising your copy of “The Christmas Wrapper”, but if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 01342 458450