What personalisations are in “The Christmas Wrapper”?

You will need to fill in:-

The Child’s First Name
Sibling/Relative/Friend 1
Sibling/Relative/Friend 2
Sibling/Relative/Friend 3
Sibling/Relative/Friend 4
Pet’s Name or Comforter (or Sibling/Relative/Friend 5)

So you can select all of, or a combination of, Family Members or the Child’s Friends. If you get stuck, here are some helpful tips:-

  • Sibling/Relative/Friend 1 – someone that they would give a present to e.g. a sibling or parent or best friend.
  • Sibling/Relative/Friend 2 and Sibling/Relative/Friend 3 – these come together, so work well as ‘Mummy & Daddy’ or ‘Grandma and Grandad’ or ‘Uncle David and Aunty Anne.’
  • Sibling/Relative/Friend 4 – this could be you, the giver of the book! Or a favourite relative or friend. Or a fictional character e.g. ‘Spiderman’ or ‘The Tooth Fairy’ or even another pet or toy. 
  • Pet’s Name or Comforter – if you’re unsure of either of these, you could substitute it with a popular animal character e.g. ‘Peppa Pig’ or ‘the Gruffalo’ or even just add another Sibling/Relative or Friend.

The Child’s first name is featured on the front and back covers, spine and throughout the book.