Why are personalised books more expensive than a standard picture book?

The main reason is that each book is unique to you and printed on demand, by our printer. A special edition one off, first edition! So obviously this takes more time and care as each book is hand bound and doesn’t benefit from the cost savings associated with a mass produced children’s picture book.

However, please bear in mind, that a personalised book is so much more than a standard picture book. After considerable research, we discovered that there are numerous, convincing reasons for making a personalised children’s book worth every penny.

You can read about these reasons in our article “The 7 Key Benefits of a Personalised Children’s Book” where you will find out:-

  • How reading a personalised book improves literacy
  • What it has “Immediate effects and dramatic increases” on
  • How it can empower and motivate every child and develop their love of reading

Click here to read more and discover that a personalised book isn’t just for Birthday or Christmas, it’s for Life!