Personalised books with a BIG heart


(or Tickled…Who/What/Why???)

A very big welcome to Tickled Moon
We know you’re very smart,
So please take a look at our personalised book
Cos it’s funny, with a great big heart.
Maybe you’ll subscribe to our newsletter,
And hopefully you’ll come back soon,
As we’ve lots of books and rhymes to come
Just for you, at Tickled Moon.

OK. First things first…

  • New company set up, specialising in rhyming personalised books with a big heart – CHECK
  • Website launched – CHECK
  • (Panic attack – CHECK)
  • First blog – CH

….yes, the first Blog post for our new, personalised book company Tickled Moon. It’s a new beginning for us and I thought we should start by telling you a bit about Who we are, What we plan to do and Why and of course OUR SUBSCRIPTION OFFER!

Who we are…

…Simon and I set up Tickled Moon because we wanted to create rhyming, personalised books with GREAT stories and beautiful illustrations. Why? As parents, we know how wonderful it is for your child to receive a book where they are the star, and our challenge was to combine fun personalisations with a heartwarming story that you and your child will want to read again and again and again.

Having written poems, stories, screenplays and plays over the years, the thought was truly irresistible to me and the ideas started flowing. I was thrilled when the lovely, personalised gift company ‘This is Nessie’ picked up my first personalised book – “Mumma-licious” – a really unique, fun book to celebrate mums – you can check it out here.

So creating Tickled Moon was a natural progression, and with Simon’s creative input, filmmaking history and web knowledge, we are now up and running and launching our first book SOON!

What we plan to do…


…LAUNCH OUR FIRST, PERSONALISED, CHILDREN’S BOOK! Coming soon, our first book is, to give it it’s full title – “(Your Child’s Name) AND THE BIRTHDAY BOO!” It’s about what happens when a lovable, hairy monster shows up to surprise your child on their birthday. However, is it the birthday surprise that they really want?? They’d better watch out for the… BOO!!!

It’s a delightful, rhyming, bedtime story for 2-7 year olds, with plenty of funny surprises. Small children love playing ‘BOO!’  It’s one of the first games that you’ll play with them. It’s funny and silly and a little bit scary too and that combination is so exciting for children.

In addition, it has gorgeous, witty illustrations by the very talented Jodie Wonford. Jodie was a real find and we are thrilled to be working with her on our first book. You can check out some of her other work here.

After “THE BIRTHDAY BOO!”, we have many other lovely, personalised books with a big heart lined up for publication, including a really fun, different, Christmas story and a touching, personalised book for grown ups. We are also aiming to produce some personalised, poetry prints and there will be special offers available for all of these, but only if you subscribe to our newsletter HERE.


…not forgetting (drum roll….) OUR SUBSCRIPTION OFFER!  SUBSCRIBE NOW to join the Tickled Moon family and receive a 10% discount code for “The Birthday BOO!” or any of our other books.

Well that just about wraps it up. Thank you for reading this far. You’re simply the best (better than all the rest…). More blogs coming soon with book updates, stories, articles, poetry and of course, the odd…..BOO!!!

First blog – CHECK (phew!)


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE – JAN 2020 – The BOO! and our Christmas Book are OUT NOW! Hope to see you on our website soon!

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