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How Tickled Moon’s Personalised Books Help Children Build Confidence and a Positive Self-Identity

“An outstanding success as a gift, he loves the idea of having a book about himself, a pleasure to read. Highly recommend.” – Karen on “The Birthday BOO!”.

Every child deserves to feel special and empowered. While traditional off-the-shelf picture books captivate young minds, Tickled Moon’s personalised books take the reading experience to a whole new level.

Our personalised books are unique literary keepsakes that have the power to go beyond ordinary stories. They achieve this by incorporating a child’s name, their loved ones and many other fun personalisations into the narrative.

In this blog, we will explore how our personalised books can play a pivotal role in boosting children’s confidence, nurturing their self-identity, as well as fostering a love for reading in this digital age.

The Magic of Personalisation

Alison Reddihough – author of Tickled Moon’s personalised books

Tickled Moon’s personalised books are not just ordinary tales; they become personalised adventures designed specifically to captivate each individual child. 

Our stories are completely unique to us, and many of our personalisations are too. Our writer Alison Reddihough takes great care to create engaging stories first and foremost – stories that will spark the child’s imagination and create delight with their rhythm and rhyme.

Then by featuring a child’s name, their favourite people, pets, gifts, foods, hometown etc. these books make young readers feel seen, heard, and valued. The personalised touch brings immense delight as they turn each page, sparking their imagination and creating a deep connection with the story and characters.

“My son and I have just read The Longest Cuddle and his face lit up hearing that he and his family were the stars of the book. He was so impressed he asked who the author was and told me that he thought she was amazing. Thank you so much for such a wonderful book.” – Jayne on “The Longest Cuddle in the World”

Building a Sense of Belonging

Children often find solace in stories where they can relate to the characters or situations. Personalised books offer a unique opportunity to reflect a child’s own experiences, cultural background, and values within the narrative. 

Tickled Moon’s personalised books are fully inclusive – they are the hero of the story no matter what gender or race they are, or what disability they may have, or background they come from.

So by seeing themselves represented in the story, children develop a sense of belonging and realise that they and their story matters. This validation can significantly impact their self-esteem and confidence.

“My daughter has autism and finds it hard to relax at times so this is our go to book when things are a bit hard and she loves it…and even the part where it shows about some people can’t do hugs and it shows the sunflower lanyard is amazing, all people are different but it doesn’t mean they can’t experience what others do xox” –  Sinead on “The Longest Cuddle in the World”

Empowering Individuality

Our personalised books celebrate the joyful and brilliant uniqueness of each child. Through imaginative storylines, quirky characters, delightful adventures and overcoming challenges, these books emphasise the child’s individual strengths and qualities.

As children help characters like “The Birthday BOO!” , “The Christmas BOO!” or “The Christmas Wrapper” with their struggles and triumphs, they realise that their own journey is worth celebrating. This validation of their individuality fosters confidence, empathy and a positive self-image.

And when the other characters are their own loved ones, it becomes a deeply personal story. One that fosters a wonderful connection, as they share this joyful literary adventure together.

“I ordered The Joyful Adventures for my grandson for his 6th birthday and wanted to say a huge thank you for the joy that it brought. He was thrilled that he and I were on the cover but he was over the moon when he came to the pages with his friends names. Thank you for making a little boy so joyful and thank you for making his Nonna joyful too.” – Sandra on “The Joyful Adventures”

Encouraging Self-Expression

Hari & Patti reasing their Joyful ADventures Tickled Moon personalised bookChildren often struggle to express their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Personalised books provide a safe and engaging platform for their self-expression. 

As children see themselves and their loved ones as the protagonists in our stories, they are encouraged to voice their emotions, hopes, and aspirations. 

This is particularly poignant when it comes to the loss of a loved one. So when the deceased loved one is in their personalised story with them, it can really help them to articulate and process their thoughts and emotions.

Tickled Moon’s personalised books for 2 “The Longest Cuddle in the World” and “The Joyful Adventures” are particularly praised by our customers for this. (We can also adapt “The Joyful Adventures” ending so that the deceased loved one returns to the sky with Big Joy – email us at for more details).

“A fantastic story incorporated into a wonderfully well presented book. I asked for the slightly edited version of the story and bought two of these for my friend’s two children who have recently lost their Grandad. My friend was overwhelmed when she received them and despite a few tears when she read them with her sons felt it was a really lovely explanation of where Grandad had gone x” – Tina on her adapted “Joyful Adventures”

Creating Lasting Memories

darla-and-the-christmas-boo“That’s the kind of story you can bring out every Christmas, it’s really special and it becomes something that you remember forever.” ITV’s ‘This Morning’ on our Christmas personalised books

Tickled Moon’s personalised books become cherished keepsakes that children can revisit throughout their lives.

As they grow older, our books serve as touching reminders of their childhood and beloved family members. Their unique story, created just for them, becomes a treasured keepsake.

The memories associated with our personalised books become intertwined with their sense of self. They are a reminder of their worth and the love that surrounds them.

“I absolutely love my grandsons book! A precious keepsake so he will always know how special he is and how lucky we are to have had each other. Thank you!” – Karen on “The Longest Cuddle in the World”

Cultivating a Love for Reading

What's That personalised book with 3 namesOne of the greatest gifts Tickled Moon’s personalised books offer is the promotion of a lifelong love for reading. 

Immersing children in stories about themselves and their loved ones, completetly captivates their imagination. It also reflects their identities, making reading a fun and very personal experience.

This positive association with reading helps children develop a strong bond with books. This can lead to improved literacy skills and a lifelong passion for exploring different worlds through literature. (You can read more about that in our other blog “The 7 Key Benefits of a Personalised Children’s Book” and this article from the National Literacy Trust)

“Bought one for my granddaughter. She loves it. What a fabulous way to keep children hooked on books.” – Valerie about “The Birthday BOO!”

The last word on Tickled Moon’s personalised books

Tickled Moon’s personalised books go beyond ordinary stories, empowering children, building their confidence, and nurturing their self-identity.lyla-photo

These extraordinary literary treasures become companions on a child’s journey through life, celebrating their individuality and encouraging self-expression.

As we embrace the magic of personalised books, we unlock a world where every child feels valued, heard, and inspired.

So if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a young child, consider a Tickled Moon personalised book. It will give your child the gift of an extra-ordinary story – one that truly reflects who they are and ignites a lifelong love for reading.

I bought this for my grandaughters 6th birthday and she said it was her best present ever. Would definitely recommend it.” – Tracey on “The Longest Cuddle in the World”

Thanks for reading! To discover Tickled Moon’s full range of personalised books, visit our shop here.

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And we’ll leave the final word to one of our customers…😍

“This magical business full of love and creativity is just wonderful! The personalised book we have just received is stunning and will be treasured forever!” – Terri



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