Peachy Poetry – Part One

Peachy poetry

(For Pointless Procrastinating…)

Peachy Poetry?

A little known form of the genre, invented circa 2019 by the poet (ahem) Alison Reddihough and dedicated to short, mostly rhyming musings about totally random things. Poetry that is… well, Peachy.

And Pointless Procrastinating?

Hey, don’t knock it! Pointless Procrastinating is underrated (as is Peachy Poetry). Both are a way to distract ourselves from the humdrum, the Tasks-You-Can’t-Face-Doing and the fragments of frustration that sneak into all our lives.

And distraction can be good for you. Not only can it relieve mental and physical pain, but it can build strength and perseverance. (Don’t just take my word for it, check out this very informative – and somewhat distracting- article from Psychology Today.)

So let’s dive on in to the procrastinating, peachy poetry pit:-

1. “Can You Tickle The Moon?”

The inspiration for this quirky question and peachy poem came from our company Tickled Moon. And the inspiration for the name Tickled Moon came from… well, we simply liked the combination of the 2 words together.

(And as we’re selling personalised, children’s books, it has the sort of snuggly, quirky, bedtime story vibe we’re aiming for.)

Can You Tickle the Moon poem by Alison Reddihough

2. “A Short Poem for National ‘Eat Your Beans’ Day”

I love National Days. Nine times out of ten, it’s an excuse to celebrate something utterly pointless. So what better way to celebrate it than with a poem?

As I’m sure many of you know, National ‘Eat Your Beans’ Day falls on July 3rd and provides us with a wonderful excuse to crack open the Heinz. And enjoy some bean-ish balladry of course. (Just be grateful it’s not a Long Poem…).

A Short Poem for National 'Eat Your Beans' Day by Alison Reddihough

3. “The Best”

What is the best job in the world? In the Goodnet article “The 8 Best Jobs in the World” I was rather taken with Professional Cuddler, Luxury Bed Tester or Private Island Caretaker.

But then, one of my boys flumps next to me and gives me a random bearhug and I remember why I love being a mum best.

(However, I do have my C.V. ready for the Private Island Caretaker job just in case one of their mood swings drives me to despair…)

The Best poem by Alison Reddihough

4. “Happy Feet”

Did you know that nearly a quarter of all bones in our bodies are in our feet? Or the average person walks 110,000 miles in their lifetime? Or even that ticklish feet are a healthy sign?? (See Quick Foot Facts for more.)

Whatever your feeling about your feet, you need to keep them happy. And clean. Because your feet are capable of producing half a pint of sweat in a single day. (OK. Enough of the Foot Facts).

Happy Feet Peachy Poem by Alison Reddihough

5. “A Short Poem To Celebrate National ‘Underwear’ Day”

Yay! Another National Day poem! And this time championing underwear. According to the National Day Calender Website, Aug 5th ‘provides an opportunity to wear your favourite undergarments’! (So not the grey, saggy ones you wear everyday then…)

(Don’t worry too much if you missed it. It’ll be back again next year.)

A Short Poem in Honour of National Underwear Way by Alison Reddihough

Back to work

That’s all folks. For now at any rate. Thanks for putting up with reading my Peachy Poetry. I hope this provided a momentary and welcome distraction from the worries of your day.

And I’ll be back again soon with more Peachy Poetry for Pointless Procrastinating. After all, SOMEONE has to celebrate National ‘Blame Somebody Else’ Day (Sept 13th) appropriately…

About Alison Reddihough


Alison is the co-founder and writer for Tickled Moon – personalised books with a BIG heart. Their first book “(Your Child’s Name) and the Birthday BOO!” – a delightful, rhyming story for ages 2-7 is out now.

You can find out What Makes A Great Personalised Book here.

Visit Tickled Moon to learn more.



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