A Special Spell for Santa

A FREE personalised Christmas poem to download!

It’s VERY busy for Santa at this time of the year, so we thought that your child might like to give him a bit of a helping hand, with a very special, magic spell….

A Special Spell for Santa

Santa clausThis enchanting, personalised Christmas poem – written especially by our Tickled Moon author, Alison Reddihough – is ready for you to download, print out and personalise with your child.

They can personalise it with their own name, address and family (or even their pet)!

When they’ve added all their personalisations they can then:

  • Read it at bedtimes, so Santa can hear it
  • Send it to Santa at the North Pole
  • Leave it out for him on Christmas Eve (with a treat for him and his reindeers of course!)

How it works

The download has 3 pages.

  • The 1st page contains a note for your child and instructions for the grown ups.
  • The next 2 pages contain 2 copies of the poem:-
  • The first contains the poem showing you the personalisations that you will need to fill in.
  • The second is for you to print out for your child – with blank spaces to fill in your personalisations.


The poem!

Here it is – we hope that you like it and enjoy personalising it with your child.

A Special Spell for Santa poem



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