Which Personalised Book?

An adventure up into the sky, the longest of cuddles, a quirky wrapper or a very silly story, or how about a hairy monster or 2?

“Utterly adorable!! Personalised with names of family members/friends who all appear in the book – this is probably the most beautiful children’s gift you could wish for 😍” – Wendy (about “The Longest Cuddle in the World”)

If you’re reading this, you are probably thinking about buying a really unique gift for a little one. Tickled Moon’s personalised books aren’t just any gift that will be outgrown or passed on. They are treasured keepsakes of a moment in time, when snuggling up and enjoying a story together – and a very special story too, starring them – is one of the highlights of the day. 

We often get asked by our customers, which of our personalised books is the best one to give as a gift to their children or grandchildren. So we thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide of all of our books so far, so that you can see at a glance, which one will make the perfect gift for your child.

“I received my book today. It is a keepsake gift for my Grandson. I can honestly say it is seriously one of the most beautiful books I have ever bought. So personal and so individual. It literally brought a tear to my eye. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you x” – Debbie (about “The Joyful Adventures”)

How it works…

Please see a brief outline of each personalised book below. 

If you see a book that you like, then click on the link to its product page. There you can read through the whole story, including your personalisations, before you decide to buy. Simply fill in your personalisations and click on the ‘Preview My Book’ button and your personalised book will pop up for you to check through. You can also listen to a version of the story being read by the author, Alison Reddihough.

And at the end of this blog, there is a handy list of categories – “I’m looking for…” – to help you choose which book is right for you and the child/children you’re giving it to.

Useful information about all of our books

busy-bee-with-shadowAll of our stories are written in rhyme by Alison Reddihough and illustrated by Jodie Wonford. They all contain 32 pages printed on high quality, 170 gsm paper by our eco-friendly printers, with a 350 gsm Softcover or a quality Hardback cover.

The Softcover measures 215mm x 270mm and the Hardcover measures 220mm x 274mm and is RECOMMENDED for special presents and keepsakes!

You can add your own dedication in all of our books – a personal message that will be printed in the front of the book – for that extra memorable gift.

rappin-robin-with-shadowAnd for extra fun, can you find a different colourful critter hiding in all of our books on every page? (Look out for our black cat Merlin too, who also makes an appearance!)

For more information on how to create your unique personalised book, check out our FAQs. And remember to preview your personalised book in full and listen to the story before you buy!

Finally – please note that you should allow between 3-5 working days to receive your personalised book in the UK and 6 -14 working days for International orders, from point of order.

Our personalised books!

The Birthday BOO!

boo-hardcover-orange-BGWho will you surprise with the Birthday BOO! on their birthday? Our delightful, personalised children’s birthday book is particularly suitable for ages 1-7.

The story…

What happens when the Birthday BOO! shows up to surprise YOUR CHILD on their birthday with a great big BOOOOO!!!?

It’s certainly not the birthday surprise that they wanted! But can they help this lovable, hairy monster find a new purpose in life?

The personalisations

This joyful, rhyming, personalised Birthday story has original and fun personalisations – including the child’s name on the cover, spine and throughout the story AND their birthday date, age, most wanted gift and favourite food.

What our customers say about it…

“I bought this for my granddaughter who was 7 last week, she thought it was wonderful. Said it was magic. To see such pleasure and enjoyment from a child because of a book. As she read it out loud. And realises the birth date and gifts are the same as hers, just brilliant x” – Jayne

To sum up

It’s great for little ones as a special birthday gift. It is also a wonderful companion to our Christmas book – “The Christmas BOO!“.

Check out “The Birthday BOO!” here.

The Birthday BOO! For Twins

birthday-boo-twins-orange-bgWhich twins will you surprise with the Birthday BOO!? Our delightful, personalised children’s birthday book, especially for boy, girl or mixed gender twins, is suitable for ages 1-7.

The story

Exactly the same as The Birthday BOO! only this time he surprises YOUR TWINS on their birthday with a great big BOOOOO!!!

The personalisations

“The Birthday BOO for Twins” has original and fun personalisations including the twins name on the cover, spine and alternated throughout the story. Also add their birthday date, age, most wanted gifts and favourite foods.

What our customers say about it…

“My ‘Birthday Boo’ book for the twins has just been delivered and I am so pleased with it !  It’s even better than I expected with great illustrations and best of all, the twins’ names on many of the pages.” – Susan

To sum up

A perfect birthday story for twins to share! They may also like our other beautiful books for 2 – “The Joyful Adventures” and “The Longest Cuddle in the World“.

Check out “The Birthday BOO! for Twins” here.

The Joyful Adventures

joyful-adventures-coverWho would you go on a Joyful Adventure with? A heartwarming, personalised children’s book for 2 that is suitable for ages 0-99 (and above!).

The story

When a fluffy, white cloud slides down a lightning bolt into the lives of NAME 1 and NAME 2, it seems it can provide the perfect escape from a horrible, stormy day.

But little do they know that they are setting off on the most joyful adventure together – one that takes them further and higher than they could ever have imagined!!

The personalisations

This beautiful, rhyming story is made to share together! Personalised throughout for siblings OR a child and adult (parent/grandparent/aunty etc.) you can also include up to 8 (or more) names of loved ones, so that no one (not even the family pet) will feel left out of the story.

What our customers say about it…

“I have just bought this for our Granddaughter’s First Birthday and her copy arrived today. The rhyming text and storyline are delightful, the illustrations colourful and detailed and the personalisation adds that little extra magical touch. I know she will treasure this book forever. I was an Infant teacher for thirty years and would have loved to have had this in my classroom library corner. Thank you so much.” – Karen

To sum up

A lovely book to personalise for a child and adult/sibling, with the added delightful surprise of seeing all their family, friends and pets written in the sky! And it beautifully compliments our other heartwarming book for 2 “The Longest Cuddle in the World“.

Check out “The Joyful Adventures” here.

The Longest Cuddle in the World

cuddle-product-imageShare the Longest Cuddle in the World with someone you love! Our beautiful, personalised children’s book for 2, is suitable for ages 0-99 (and above!).

The story

After a horrible dream, NAME 1 feels that only a cuddle from NAME 2 will make things better.

However, the cuddle isn’t quite enough, even when ALL the family join in. As it bursts out of their door, how far will this cuddle eventually stretch and will it make a difference?

And could it become the LONGEST cuddle in the world??!

The personalisations

This heartwarming, rhyming story is meant to be to shared together! Personalised throughout for a child and adult (parent/grandparent/aunt etc.) or siblings you can also include 5 or more family members, friends or pets, the child’s teacher/favourite character and the child’s hometown.

What our customers say about it…

“I bought this book recently for my granddaughters 5th birthday, it’s amazing love it, can’t recommend enough, all the family in one story .. and u even get to preview the story before purchase .. fabulous 👏🏻👏🏻 my daughter and Granddaughter loved it too 👏🏻👏🏻the price matches the quality and work in the book, perfect present ..” – Shirley

To sum up

A really beautiful story for a child and adult to share together, with delightful mentions of family, friends, pets, teacher/hero and town! And a lovely companion to our other book for 2 “The Joyful Adventures“.

Check out “The Longest Cuddle in the World” here.

What’s That??!!

Could it be a very silly, rhyming story, about very silly things that will definitely never happen?? Guaranteed giggles for ages 1-6, but as you can personalise it for up to 4, why not include the whole family too? 

The story

WHAT’S THAT??!! A boot in the fruit?! A shark in the dark??!! Don’t be silly, those things don’t really happen…

…do they?

Will your child be driven ‘around the bend’ in this joyfully ridiculous, but delightfully rhythmic rhyming story?

The personalisations

Simply personalise this book with 1..2..3…or 4 NAMES which appear on the cover and throughout the story! Wonderful for 1-4 children, or why not include Mummy & Daddy, Grandparents or Aunties & Uncles too?

What our customers say about it…

“A brilliant book – funny, silly, the words and gorgeous pictures are perfect together, so lovely for the littler ones!”- Hannah

To sum up

A fun poetic romp that will delight little ones with it’s rhythm, rhyme, colourful illustrations and completely silly story!

Check out “What’s That??!!” here

The Christmas BOO!

christmas-boo-coverWho will the Christmas BOO! surprise this Christmas? Our heartwarming, personalised Christmas book is particularly suitable for ages 1-7.

The story

What happens when the Christmas BOO! shows up instead of Father Christmas on Christmas Eve?

This spotty, hairy monster is certainly not what YOUR CHILD expected in their Christmas stocking! But when Rudolph shows up too and they find out that Father Christmas is in trouble, well…thank goodness they’ve got the… BOO!!!

The personalisations

Personalise this sweet, charming story with the child’s name on the cover, spine and throughout the story AND with their most wanted Christmas gift.

What our customers say about it…

“The most adorable and magical Christmas book, so silly and fun!! I can’t wait to read it to him this Christmas Eve and hopefully spark a new family tradition where we will snuggle up and read it together every year!!!” – Sammy

To sum up

A fun, rhyming, personalised Christmas adventure that is sure to become a favourite read every Christmas! A wonderful companion to our birthday book “The Birthday BOO!” and also see our other fun Christmas adventure book “The Christmas Wrapper“.

Check out “The Christmas BOO!” here.

The Christmas Wrapper

the christmas wrapper coverCan your child save the world from the rapping Christmas Wrapper this Christmas? Our quirky, personalised Christmas book is suitable for ages 2-8.

The story

When the dashing Christmas Wrapper appears in a FLASH of smoke, it seems that YOUR CHILD has found the perfect answer for all their Christmas wrapping problems!

But this ambitious rapping reindeer has bigger plans on his mind… Can YOUR CHILD stop him and save the world in time for Christmas??!

The personalisations

A rhyming, personalised Christmas story like no other! Personalisations include the child’s name on the cover, spine and throughout the story and it features 4 family members/friends and a pet or favourite toy. Watch out too for an Extra-Special Guest Appearance (Ho Ho Who Do You Think It Might Be??!)

What our customers say about it…

“I bought this book for one of my grandson’s at Christmas & was so pleased when it arrived that I immediately purchased a second copy for my cousin’s grandson! The book was delightful. Both the boys loved it as it was funny & personal. A definite must in any small person’s Christmas stocking!” – Karen

To sum up

A Christmas story like no other, which will delight with its fun story and rapping rhythm and rhyme that includes all the family. Also see our other joyful Christmas adventure “The Christmas BOO!

Check out “The Christmas Wrapper” here.

And not forgetting…

Our personalised poetry print – The Family Bus

wood-frame-ldnCelebrate the joy and heart of your family with our beautifully illustrated, personalised poetry print “The (YOUR FAMILY NAME) Family Bus”! Suitable for all the family and available framed or unframed.

The poem

“The Family Bus” poem captures all the fun and chaos of a family trip – “have we got everyone, do we need the loo, are we nearly there?!” – as it celebrates your family’s journey on the roads of life together. 

The personalisations

Personalise your “The Family Bus” print with up to 7 Family Members – so remember to include Mummies and Daddies, Siblings, Grandparents and of course the Family Pets! Then choose which bus you’d like to journey on – the red, London double decker bus, the yellow American school bus or the single decker two-toned bus. Each is personalised with the name of your family throughout the print.

What our customers say…

“Having just received The Family Bus print I can honestly say I am delighted. Cannot wait to share this with my family and grandchildren. The quality is brilliant and I will be recommending you to all my family and friends who are looking to get that unique gift for loved ones.”- Shona

To sum up

This heart-warming personalised poem and its joyous, colourful illustrations, is a meaningful gift and a unique piece of artwork that will always be cherished!

Check out “The Family Bus” here.

I’m looking for…

A handy list of categories to help you choose which book is right for you and the child you’re giving it to.

Personalised Books for 1 Child

Personalised Books for 2 Children

Personalised Books for 3-4 Children/& Adults

Personalised Books for Twins

Personalised Books for a Child and Adult

Personalised Books that include family/friends/pets

Personalised Christmas Books

Personalised Birthday Books

Personalised Gifts for Adults

Any further questions?

I hope that helps you select which Tickled Moon personalised book is right for you. But if you do need any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hi@tickledmoon.com or on +44(0)1342 458450 (10am-5pm UK time)

And thank you for your interest in our personalised books, it’s truly appreciated and we hope that you love them and that they will be treasured for many years to come!

“As a fan of books since I could read, I bought 2 of these to give, from their great auntie and uncle, to siblings. Love, love love them, brilliant website, brilliant service can’t wait to give them to the recipients xxx” – Jean

Finally, if you’d like to read more about how a personalised book can benefit your child, do read our other blog “The 7 Key Benefits of a Personalised Children’s Book“.

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