Peachy Poetry – Part Two


(For Perfecting Playfulness)

Yes it’s back!

By popular demand (thanks mum…), MORE Peachy Poetry, this time for Perfecting Playfulness! (And if you’re thinking What Is Peachy Poetry? – then check out Part One for a full explanation of the genre and numerous early examples.)

But first, how do you define playfulness? And perfect it?? People with serious jobs have spent time thinking about this, as demonstrated in this playful article from Psychology today.

Basically the definition of playfulness is “the quality of being light-hearted or full of fun.” We all like a bit of that in our lives, especially when we get ourselves into a bit of a tizz. 

And have you perfected playfulness??

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably well on the way to it. You enjoy fun things and don’t take life too seriously. Which is what Peachy Poetry is all about. 

So let’s crack on with the first playful peachy poem:-


1. “Dear 2020” 

With the recent important advent of a shiny new decade, someone Tweeted “If you could write a letter to 2020 what would you say?” 

So here are my thoughts…. (what would you write??)



2. “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world were square?”

It’s good to daydream. Don’t just take my word for it – Life Hack lists 10 benefits of daydreaming.

And so when my mind does wonder – rather too frequently I hasten to add – then I often get to thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice if….” And this is where it wondered to on this occasion.

World Were Square


3. “A Short Poem for National No Rhyme (nor Reason) day”

Fans of Peachy Poetry Part One will remember that I’m rather partial to celebrating the odd National Day in a poetic form. This one particularly touched a nerve as National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day on September 1st, recognises words which do not rhyme with any other words in the English language.

As those of you familiar with my personalised books will know – I like to write them all in rhyme, so I’m not a big fan of this National day. As you can see.

No Rhyme nor Reason day


4. “A Very British Sunday”

Aah the joys of a lazy British Sunday. As I sat, digesting a hearty Sunday lunch, by a log fire recently, this little ditty sprung to mind – before the urge to nap totally overcame me…

A Very British Sunday


5. “Creation”

Finally, I passionately believe that everyone is creative and that it’s not just limited to those in ‘artistic’ professions. So for National Poetry Day I wrote this little ditty to encourage you to express your creativity, in whichever way feels right for you. Because self expression is such a vital and wonderful thing to do.  

(And if you’re still not convinced that you’re creative in any shape or form, check out this excellent wikiHow article on “How to be Creative”. Now you’ve NO excuses…)


So.. there you have it. Thank you for taking the time to read this far and I hope my peachy musings injected a wee bit more playfulness into your day.

alison and the birthday boo bookAbout Alison Reddihough

Alison is the co-founder and writer for Tickled Moon – personalised books with a BIG heart.

Their first book “(Your Child’s Name) and the Birthday BOO!” – a delightful, rhyming story for ages 2-7 is out now.

Visit Tickled Moon to learn more.

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