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Longest Cuddle book dedication page
“The Longest Cuddle in the World” dedication page

All of Tickled Moon’s personalised books start with a short, personalised, dedication poem. However we also offer the chance for our customers to write their own dedication underneath that and we often get asked “What is the dedication?” or “What shall I write?”

So we thought it would be useful to put together some ideas and suggestions to help you add that extra special touch to your personalised gift. After all it is something that will probably be treasured for a lifetime because of its connection to you, the giver.

First, please note…

no emojis

Unfortunately, EMOJIS are NOT SUPPORTED in the printing process in any of our personalised books and we will have to remove them from your dedications.

So please say it with words, not pictures! 

Also you have 148 CHARACTERS to express yourself over 7 lines. (If you absolutely have to say more, please contact us at hi@tickledmoon.com as we may be able to extend that for you.)

What exactly is a dedication?

A dedication is a personal message that will be printed on the first page, from the giver of the book to the recipient.

It can be simple and formal, or quirky and funny – whatever suits the personalities of those giving and receiving. But there is also enough room to be more detailed or even poetic!

To help you get started, here are a few suggestions, in various categories, of examples taken from some of the wonderful dedications that our customers have written (all names have been changed where mentioned).


“The Birthday BOO!” dedication page

As each of our books has a poetic, personalised dedication, you may feel that you don’t need to elaborate any further.

So a simple:-

 To Oscar love from Mummy & Daddy xxx

can be more than enough.

Marking an occasion

An extension of that is when the book is being given for a special occasion – Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Easter, Anniversaries etc.

It is a chance to mark an occasion and say something that will commemorate that moment in time:-

To Charlotte
Welcome to the world little one
Lots of love Nannie and Grandpops

You may also like to mention the special date:-

To Tristan,
Happy 4th Birthday!
12th March 2022
Love from Aunty Louise & Uncle Mark x

An expression of love

“Such a treat to be able to send love in a book.” – Jill

Our books are praised by our customers for being beautiful stories and gifts of love, that will be a forever keepsake.

And many of our customers like to emphasise that in their dedication to their beloved little ones:-

My darling Luna.
I loved you in your mummy’s tummy, I loved you when I first saw you, I will love you forever. Oma xx

To our Beautiful Grandson  x
So precious to us & we feel so blessed to have you in our lives x
Love Grandma Susan & Granddad Joe xxxx

To Maisie
You are my heartbeat
I love you more than you will ever know
Hugs always, Mama x

And of course you can combine this beautifully with the occasion:-

Happy second Birthday to my first great grandson. You are special beyond words and my heart is so full of love for you. 20/10/2022

To the moon with a bushel and jelly tots

The most popular dedications we see in our books often use a phrase from the beautiful and much loved book “Guess How Much I Love You”:-

For our ‘Grandloves’ who have made our world complete. Love you both to the Moon and back.

Some take it even further…

To my beautiful princess Sienna, I love you to the moon and back via Jupiter for a pit stop. Xxxxxx

Guess how much GiGi loves you Cooper? To the moon and back a million times over. My precious boy x

“What’s That??!!” dedication page

These popular song lyrics can say it all for many customers too:-

To Eli – I love you a bushel and a peck! Love Grammy xxx

And finally another favourite ‘sweet’ dedication that we frequently see is:-

To Jessica, love you lots like jelly tots!
With hugs and kisses from Daddy 

For when you can’t be together…

It’s tough being apart from those you love – whether due to the pandemic or geography. However, it is wonderful to hear how our books have helped to connect you when you’re apart.

The dedication can be a chance to reiterate that connection:-

Our Dearest Brody,
How we wish that we could cuddle you every single day. We love you with our whole hearts
Love Gramma and Grampa xxx

Missing you so much dearest Aayan across the miles! I think of you every day and love you so much. All my love Nani x

Whether I see you every week or not much at all, just remember how much our love, hugs and snuggles keep us together! Until we can cuddle again xxx

And sometimes that separation is sadly more permanent, in which case it becomes a beautiful way to commemorate those who are no longer with us:-

Dearest Poppy, A book to share with your Grandad George in Heaven, who loved you so much and who will always be with you whenever you need him.

I hope our cuddles make you feel safe and loved. Great Grandma and Grandpa are cuddling from heaven too!

The creative and poetic

Sometimes our customers like to express themselves in their dedications in the most beautiful ways:-

My Dearest, We all hold hands at night, Dream the dreamiest dreams. Where we speak on the cloud line. Yours lovingly out of the window,

Mammy xx

Or with their own poetic thoughts…:-

Dear Skye
Here’s a little hug from me
When I cannot be there,
Because it’s important that you know
Just how much I care.
Love Aunty Jude x

The joy of reading

Finally, many customers feel passionately about the joy of reading and like to pass that message on to their children or grandchildren:-

Dear Annabelle, You can make your imagination come true in any book. Every book is a wonderful adventure, make it yours. 

Or simply…

I hope, Benji, that you enjoy mummy & daddy reading your special story together.

Creating your dedication

I hope the above has given you some inspiration and ideas for your dedication. 

Ultimately whatever you decide, the most important thing is to say what feels right for you to the recipient. 

Because whatever you write, it will contribute to making your Tickled Moon book an even more extra special personalised gift.

(And please remember that EMOJIS are not supported! Thank you!)

You can add your dedication and preview it before you buy any of our 6 personalised books –


And to find out which book is suitable for the child you’re giving it to, read our blog “Which Personalised Book?” or visit our Tickled Moon shop.

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