The 10 Best Things About Having Grandchildren

Grandchildren sitting with a grandfather reading a book

(Or the “Glorious Gifts of Being a Grandparent” – Part 2)

From all the lovely emails we get and comments that we receive on our Tickled Moon Facebook page, we know how much your grandchildren mean to you. It is a very special and unique relationship and there is a never ending river of love that flows between you.

We talked about it in “The Glorious Gifts of Being a Grandparent“, but felt there was more to say about the wonderful things that your grandchildren bring into your life.

So we hope that you’ll like our 10 observations of some of the wonderful, touching and often unexpected delights of having grandchildren!

1. They keep you joyful

Surely the sheer unbridled joy of a small child is the most infectious and delightful thing on the planet??

2. They keep you warm

What could be better than snuggling up with your grandchildren for a hug or to read a good book together?🤗

Aside from the physical warmth of cuddling, the emotional warmth of being together is priceless!

3. They keep you young

Your grandchildren (and their toys!) give you a great excuse to revisit your inner child.

However, please take care not to overdo it…

4. They keep you in the moment

Children only know how to be in the moment and being with them, watching them and engaging with them transports you instantly right there too.

5. They keep you on your toes

This is so true – NEVER underestimate the memory of a child who has been promised something!! They’ll keep you sharper than if you were doing Sudoku ten times a day!

6. They keep you thankful

Appreciate every moment that you spend with them, for they truly are moments for you both to savour.

7. They keep educating you

We can sometimes get stuck in our ways and there’s nothing like a grandchild’s playful curiosity and joyful perspective on life to make us reevaluate it!

8. They keep you feeling needed

You are their grandparents! A role that is SO precious and valuable to them, in so many different ways to their parents or siblings. Enjoy every minute of it!

9. They keep you wrapped around their little finger

Hmm…. we all know that Grandma or Grandpa finds it really hard to say “No” sometimes….😁

10. They keep love alive

I saved the best for last. With everything going on in the world right now, it’s very easy to get bogged down in its troubles.

But your grandchildren know what’s really important – joy, fun and love. They need love to flourish and thrive and just a few moments with them will remind you that they definitely keep life’s circle of love alive.❤️

harriet-and-grandmaI hope that you’ve enjoyed our 10 best things about having grandchildren. Feel free to comment below if I’ve missed any out!

And if you’d like to share one of our beautiful personalised books for 2 with them – “The Longest Cuddle in the World” or “The Joyful Adventures” – then please go to our website here.

They are a way to celebrate your very special relationship together. As one of our customers said:-

“I absolutely love my grandsons book! A precious keepsake so he will always know how special he is and how lucky we are to have had each other. Thank you!” – Karen

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