Peachy Poetry – Part 3

(For perpetuating positivity)

Since my last batch of Peachy Poetry (PP2 back in Feb) rather a lot has changed in the world. That blog cheerfully started with an optimistic ode – “Dear 2020” – which hoped for the year to be “joyful and free”….

Well of course, 2020 has turned out to be a very different kettle of fish indeed, which none of us saw coming, even in February. Our lives have well and truly been turned upside down since then and I know it’s been really hard for many people.

But I don’t want to dwell on that here. This Peachy Poetry is about perpetuating positivity.  Because I’ve learnt that dwelling on the tough stuff just makes you feel rough.

So for 5 minutes, stop what you’re doing, put your feet up and let’s start by putting the kettle on for….

National Tea Day

Peachy Poetry for National Tea Day

FYI National Tea Day is on the 21st April and “ is the UK’s fastest growing communi-tea, helping people to discover and explore the wonderful world of tea and infusions.” (You can learn all about it at

And it’s good for you of course! (You can read all about the 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea here.)

So I hope that got us off to a cheery, warming start.

Bucket full of joy

If you’ve got small children around, you were probably gagging for that cup of tea.  After a recent visit from my dear nephew, with his 3yr old and 1 yr old, I could have powered the whole of Sussex with their sheer exuberance and energy. 

But although it may have been full on, there is no denying the complete and absolute pleasure that small children bring into your life…

Peachy Poetry on the Joy of Children

But of course, even with the joy of small children around, life isn’t always a bed of roses. We all have tough times – some more than others – and this has really been heightened by this year’s events.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Thankfully Mental Health is finally being given some much needed attention – particularly among men. This year Mental Health Awareness Week ran from 18th-24th May in the UK. Run by the Mental Health Foundation, you can check out all the amazing things that they do here

Peachy Poetry for Mental Health Awareness Week

So a kind word or gesture can go a long way to perpetuating positivity.

But what exactly IS positivity? One word sums up the essence of it. 


This next poem was written as a response to the turmoil following the awful death of George Floyd.

Isn’t it time we all grew up and started treating each other better?

You probably already know that being positive is good for you…

But did you know how much?

According to this article by Web MD it can help you with so many things from increasing your life span and giving you a greater resistance to illness, to lowering your blood pressure and enhancing your mental health. (The article also gives you some great tips as to how to start practising positive thinking too.) 

So if we can all make a bit more effort for perpetuating positivity in the world then we will slowly, beautifully make it a better place for those little children.

Moving on…

I’m sure you’ve finished that cup of tea now and are ready to get on with the rest of your day.

Thank you for reading this far. I’ll leave you with one final burst of Peachy Poetry for perpetuating positivity.

And I really hope that this blog has ignited some…well, hope.  

Peachy poetry for perpetuating positivity

Alison Reddihough

Alison is the co-founder and writer for Tickled Moon, who create heartwarming, personalised children’s books (in rhyme of course!)

If you’d like to read more Peachy Poetry, then do check out Part One and Part Two. Or you can check out her Lockdown blogs in Mar and Apr.

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