Peachy Poetry – Part 5

Peach Poetry part 5

(For Preserving Peace)


(Deep breath)

It’s something we all strive for and yet it can be somewhat illusive. Our days are filled with Things to Do, keeping busy and constant distractions, not to mention getting caught up in all the challenges the world faces today.

However, it’s never very far away. A pocketful of peace can be found anytime, anywhere – whether through a deep breath, a smile, a piece of music or even a poem…

And then when we do find it – how do we preserve it??

I’m not sure whether my own unique blend of Peachy Poetry (Part 5) will create (or preserve) World Peace, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. 😊

So let’s start with…

A Quiet Little Moment

a quiet little moment poem by Tickled Moon

Aaaaah. Now doesn’t that feel better?

Appreciation is the key here. And a quiet moment of gratitude is one of the quickest ways to preserving peace.

That and snuggling up with a good book of course…

Read Me A Story


Read me a Story poem by Tickled Moon

(And I would, of course, HIGHLY RECOMMEND snuggly up with our beautiful, personalised book for 2 – “The Longest Cuddle in the World” – for the ultimate moment of book peace!)

So appreciation and getting lost in a book can all help. However, we all have days when finding peace (let alone preserving it) feels like a mighty task. In fact doing ANYTHING feels like a mighty task.

You know the kind of day – maybe you’ve slept funny, maybe you’re coming down with something. Maybe you’re simply having an off day. Whatever the reason there’s nothing fun about when your…

Brain’s In A Fog

brains in a fog peachy poetry by Tickled Moon

I hope that you don’t get too many of those moments, as it’s not fun or peaceful to lose yourself.

However, help is at hand to find yourself and REVEL in it.

Did you know that there is an International Being You Day on May 22nd? It’s a day that:

“invites you to celebrate being you. During this day, you are invited to explore what it means to truly be you, beyond the projections of society and the need for perfection. It is your day to discover the beauty of you and your unique capabilities.”

Which is all very lovely, as being ourselves is infinitely more peaceful than trying to be something that we’re not.

And we all sometimes get swept up in people pleasing, instead of honouring our true selves. So aiming to Be You, not only once a year, but everyday, may be one of the best ways for preserving peace.

Be You

If you’ve read this far, I’ve hopefully got you thinking about how you can start preserving peace within yourself.

Sometimes I think that we are so focused on being ‘happy’, that we forget that being at peace with ourselves and the world around us, is a crucial part of that.

So my final slice of Peachy Poetry is a simple plea to the world to get its act together and to be at peace. After all, wouldn’t it be a much nicer place to be in if we could all try?

Be At Peace


I hope you’ve enjoyed my poetic musings on preserving peace – if so, please check out all my other Peachy Poetry blogs (1-4). Who knew that you could poetically ponder on beans, passwords or even Can You Tickle The Moon??

And of course all of Tickled Moon’s personalised children’s books are written in rhyme, which helps engage even the youngest reader and aids their literacy skills, as well as being great fun for everyone to read!

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