Peachy Poetry – Part 4

(For Pondering Passwords)

Yes, here we are again, with a fresh batch of my very own brand of Peachy Poetry – a quirky collection of my short poems – this time celebrating the art of Pondering and the joy of Passwords. 

Ok I admit it, there is no joy in pondering passwords. In fact they are for the most part, intensely irritating, but unfortunately they’ve become a modern day necessity. They even have their own National Day (more on that later).

 And what exactly is pondering? According to the Cambridge Dictionary it’s:-


verb [ I or T ]   formal

to think carefully about something, especially for a noticeable length of time

I do think that pondering is a bit of an artform. I know that I spend noticeable lengths of my day pondering over totally random things. Like…

Where does the wind go??

Where does the wind go poem

The wind, weather and sky fascinate me. You’ll probably know that if you’ve come across our personalised book “The Joyful Adventures”. It’s a fun story – personalised for 2 names – about escaping a storm by going up into the sky together, turning into clouds and having a marvellous adventure with another cloud called Big Joy.

So I love poetically pondering about the vast expanse of sky and space around us. It’s easy to get utterly lost in it.

But back on Planet Earth, daily life goes on. And I think it’s very important to gently ponder at the start of each day.

A bright, new day

A bright new day poem

Every day can be magical, if you take the time to fully observe it.

And sometimes, pondering is necessary to stop a moment in time and truly savour it. Especially if you have someone special to savour it with.

Capture a moment

Capture a moment poem

So now we come to peachy poetry for pondering passwords. Did you know that there was a World Password Day? Yep, on the 1st Thursday of every May you can ‘promote better password habits’ and ‘celebrate strong passwords’.


I guess it does have an important message about cyber security, which is very necessary in a world where our data is everywhere.

But there’s just one problem with passwords…

World Password Day

World Password Day poem

My final taste of Peachy Poetry thankfully doesn’t ponder any further on passwords. Or pondering. I just thought it would be a nice way to end this poetic blog.

And maybe it’s something you can read to your child or grandchild at bedtime.

For there is nothing more soothing, than to end a day full of adventures, with a Lullaby.


Lullaby poem
Thank you for reading this far and I hope you’ve enjoyed my Peachy Poetry ramblings. If you have, do check out Peachy Poetry 1,PP2 and PP3 for Pointless Procrastinating, Perfecting Playfulness and Perpetuating Positivity (maybe whilst having a P…??!) 

And one final verse to ponder on:

Wherever you fly,
Wherever you roam,
Remember the joy
In the sky and at home.

 from “The Joyful Adventures”

One thought on “Peachy Poetry – Part 4

  1. Sharon Hill says:

    My Grandniece Annabell loved her Birthday Boo Book. She was surprised to see her name in print and wanted to know how I did that. I told her I sent my request to England & she thought it was cool I did that. She is now 7.

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